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Minimalist abstract art wallpaper
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Angela Nichols
4 years ago
I want to see if this can work as a background for other things within other apps, e.g., collages, folders, cards, invitations, bannerss, etc. I don't see why it wouldn't since it's saved as a .jpeg file in OneDrive. Are u aware of any restrictions to do this? I know that I can probably find my answer in backiee's privacy policy, but it's so much easier to to ask!
Minimalist abstract art

This wallpaper features a serene blend of pastel colors and geometric shapes, offering a calming aesthetic for any device. The minimalist design boasts clean lines and blocks, creating a soothing and organized visual space, ideal for enhancing your digital workspace with a touch of modern, abstract art.

Category: Abstract
Uploaded: 25th March 2018
Dimensions: 7680x4320 (8K UltraHD)

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Gender: Male · Age: 17 · Country: Belgium
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