Yes, backiee is an image sharing network, wallpapers uploaded by our users.
Log in to backiee.com and choose the Account / Upload wallpaper menu or download our backiee application and login. After you have logged in the upload function will be available.
You can use wallpapers as background on your devices. The uploader has allowed to use this image as a background for free on your devices. The copyright belongs to the uploader. You are not permitted to redistribute or otherwise use or sell the image.
Sure! Just sign up in our backiee application and leave a comment to her/him.

All uploaded images are moderated manually therefore the image are not displayed immediately. The inadequate quality wallpapers are removed from the backiee.com website and backiee applications.

Some tips for successful uploading:
Please upload images that are aesthetic and their content are enjoyable for others.
Remember, the uploaded images should have at least 1920x1080 px in size.

The following pictures are deleted during moderation:
- adult-content images (arbitrary symbols, sexual or violent content, etc.)
- improper images (blurry, slanted, framed, etc.)
- images containing advertisements or logos (e.g. website titles)
- copyrighted images (movies, games, etc.)
- images that violate personality rights

You can read more about our moderation process here: https://backiee.com/terms-and-conditions

The moderation takes approximately 24-48 hours but we retain the right to extend this period.