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Kerala backwaters sunset reflection wallpaper
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Kerala backwaters sunset reflection

This breathtaking snapshot captures the vibrant sunset over the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, creating a mesmerizing reflection on the water's surface. Kochi's silhouetted skyline is punctuated by the graceful coconut palms, synonymous with this region's lush landscapes. A solitary boat glides through the still waters, its occupants encapsulated in the evening's gold and crimson hues. This wallpaper embodies the essence of Kerala's backwaters, transporting viewers to a moment of serene beauty at the cusp of day and night. Ideal for those who yearn for a visual escape to South India's picturesque settings, this image is a testament to the natural splendor and calm that the Kerala backwaters offer, as seen through the lens during the magical hour of sunset.

Kochi, Kerala, India

Category: Nature
Uploaded: 18th February 2018
Dimensions: 3840x2160 (4K UltraHD)

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Gender: Male · Age: 49 · Country: Ukraine
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