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Yokohama Cosmo World wallpaper
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Yokohama Cosmo World

Immerse yourself in the electric night of Yokohama, where the dazzling Cosmo World amusement park lights up the skyline. The centerpiece, Cosmo Clock 21, is not just a Ferris wheel but also a vibrant timepiece that adorns the city with its luminescent glow. Around it, merriment unfolds with rides and attractions bustle, casting reflections upon the water, creating a symphony of light that dances through the night. This wallpaper captures the essence of urban excitement and leisure in the heart of Japan, showcasing the fusion of high-tech marvels with playful entertainment. Perfect for adding a splash of urban adventure to your screen, this image epitomizes the joyous spirit of Yokohama after dark.

Cosmo Clock 21, Yokohama, Japan

Category: City
Uploaded: 13th December 2018
Dimensions: 3840x2160 (4K UltraHD)

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Gender: Private · Age: Private · Country: Private
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