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The Black Marble 2016 (Africa, South America & Europe) wallpaper
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johan echevarria c
4 years ago
The Black Marble 2016 (Africa, South America & Europe)

This wallpaper captures planet Earth's nocturnal beauty from space, showcasing continents lit by human civilization. The continents of Africa, South America, and Europe are gracefully presented, with city lights glittering like jewels against the vast darkness of oceans and uninhabited lands. This stunning view highlights the urbanization impact where the dense concentrations of light reflect major population centers. Between the vibrant clusters, the darkness outlines the continents' geography offering a silent testament to the areas untouched by man's reach. The Atlantic Ocean's inky waters provide a backdrop, enhancing the planet's spherical shape. NASA's satellite technology enables this perspective, empowering us to appreciate our world's interconnectedness and the delicate balance between nature and human expansion. A 4K resolution ensures every detail is visible, conveying the grandeur of the Earth at night.


Category: Space
Uploaded: 8th July 2019
Dimensions: 3840x2160 (4K UltraHD)

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× The Black Marble 2016 (Africa, South America & Europe) wallpaper