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Sershul Monastery - Shiqu (Sershul), Tibet wallpaper
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Sershul Monastery - Shiqu (Sershul), Tibet

Founded in the 25th year of the Qing Emperor Qianlong (1760), it has a history of more than 240 years. It is located in Wutu Township, about 10 kilometers away from Shiqu County, Sichuan Province, China. The largest group of temples is the largest Tibetan Buddhist Gelugpa (Huangjiao) monastery in Shiqu. Shiqu is a religious atmosphere is a very strong place, especially in the pastoral areas Tibetan religion more deeply. The county has yellow teach, white teach, red teach, crop temples in all 46, which again the largest and most famous temple. The Temple of Sanskrit is provided with the second largest copper-plastic gilt Buddha (only here in Qatar) Buddhist doctor) of the Gelukpai Temple. "Whisker" means tribal descendants of the "yellow" hat, it is said that the name of stone quarry evolved from this pronunciation. Seu Temple temple town treasures are Tsongkhapa's tooth stupa. Legend has it that Tsongkhapa's teeth are three in size, one of the largest preserved in the temple.

Shiqu, Garze, Sichuan, China

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Uploaded: 14th December 2017
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