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San Diego at dusk wallpaper
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San Diego at dusk

As day gives way to night, the San Diego skyline comes alive in a mesmerizing display of lights reflecting on the calm harbor waters. Yachts anchored in the bay add a touch of luxury to the scene, while towering skyscrapers reach up to the color-streaked sky, marking the city's bustling life. This picturesque moment captures the essence of California's renowned coastal city as it transitions from a vibrant day into a peaceful evening. The image, in stunning 8K UHD, offers a crystal clear view of the city's landmarks and architecture, making it an ideal wallpaper for those who appreciate urban beauty and the serene moments just after sunset.

San Diego, California, United States

Category: City
Uploaded: 25th May 2018
Dimensions: 7680x4320 (8K UltraHD)

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Gender: Male · Age: 25 · Country: United States
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