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Polar lights at the arctic circle wallpaper
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Polar lights at the arctic circle

This enchanting wallpaper captures the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis as it dances across the night sky above Saltfjellet, Norway. Situated just within the Arctic Circle, this natural phenomenon creates a symphony of lights that seems to arise from the horizon and join the starry heavens. The snow-covered landscape is gently illuminated by the ethereal glow, with towering pine trees standing as silent witnesses to the spectacle. The foreground features smooth snowdrifts, sculpted by the Arctic winds, leading to darkened waters that reflect a hint of the aurora's green hues. This breathtaking display of polar lights offers a serene yet vibrant scene that encapsulates the beauty of a Nordic winter's night. It's a remarkable testament to the wonders of our planet, demonstrating the pure magic that can be found in nature's darkest hours.

Saltfjellet, Norway

Category: Nature
Uploaded: 9th January 2019
Dimensions: 1920x1080 (HD)

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Gender: Male · Age: 49 · Country: Ukraine
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