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Starry Night Over Desert Dunes wallpaper
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6 years ago
Excellent contrast between the night blue of the sky and the orange of the sand.
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Dayanidhi Dehury
7 years ago
Vry nice
Starry Night Over Desert Dunes

This stunning 4K wallpaper captures the serene beauty of a desert under a starry night sky. The clear, dark horizon accentuates the sand dunes, portraying a tranquil and timeless desert landscape. Ideal for nature lovers, it brings a sense of peaceful solitude to any screen it graces. The detailed foreground with scattered timber adds depth and intrigue, enhancing the overall captivating scene.

Category: Nature
Uploaded: 16th May 2017
Dimensions: 3840x2160 (4K UltraHD)

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MD Monir Munshi
Gender: Male · Age: 25 · Country: Bangladesh
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