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Kordasht bath, Jolfa, Iran wallpaper
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Kordasht bath, Jolfa, Iran

Kordasht bath (Kalibar) is a historical bath located in the village of Kordasht(near Jolfa, north western Iran), and from the point of view of the internal arrangement and wall paintings is spectacular.Water for the bath is obtained from the Aras River.It dates back to the Safavi era.This bath had been primarily used by Safavi royal family; however, it has been opened for public use later on. This historical monument consists of various sections such as a “Bineh”, a “Sarbineh”, a vestibule, a spring house, and a greenhouse. The picture below represents the Sarbineh

Kordasht Bath, Jolfa, Iran

Category: Life
Uploaded: 6th September 2017
Dimensions: 1920x1080 (HD)

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Gender: Male · Age: 99 · Country: Iran
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