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Footbridge over Merced River (Yosemite National Park) wallpaper
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Footbridge over Merced River (Yosemite National Park)

This captivating image showcases a wooden footbridge elegantly spanning the Merced River amidst the lush greenery of Yosemite Valley. Enveloped by towering trees and rugged boulders, the bridge offers a serene pathway that complements the dynamic flow of the river below. The vibrant greens and the soft blur of the rushing water highlight the pristine beauty of Yosemite National Park. Perfect for nature lovers and wilderness enthusiasts, this wallpaper brings the peace and majesty of the great outdoors into any space, making it a breathtaking view to behold at 4k resolution.

Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California, United States

Category: Nature
Uploaded: 28th April 2018
Dimensions: 3840x2160 (4K UltraHD)

Publisher photo
J Schori
Gender: Male · Age: Private · Country: United States
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× Footbridge over Merced River (Yosemite National Park) wallpaper